Bucharest (București) is the capital municipality, the largest city in Romania, and its cultural, industrial, and financial centre. Located in the southeast of the country, it lies on the banks of the Dâmbovița River, less than 70 km (43.5 mi) north of the Danube River.

Economically, Bucharest is the most prosperous city in Romania and one of the main industrial centres and transportation hubs of Eastern Europe. The city has big convention facilities, educational institutes, cultural venues, traditional "shopping arcades", gourmet restaurants, rich parks and recreational areas.

A large scale map of Bucharest and surroundings is available here.



Flying to Bucharest is the most straightforward manner of getting to the capital of Romania. Bucharest is serviced by two airports: Henri Coanda International Airport (Otopeni) and Aurel Vlaicu Airport (Baneasa). Both of these airports connect Bucharest with major cities in Europe, such as Paris, Pisa, Rome, Naples, Dublin, Amsterdam, Madrid, Vienna, Milan, Istanbul and Budapest.

Aurel Vlaicu Airport (Baneasa) is chiefly used for charter and low-cost flights. Blue Air, German Wings, Wizz Air and MyAir are the main airline companies operating at Baneasea, whereas Henri Coanda International Airport (Otopeni) is the place where Air France, American Airlines, British Airways, Turkish Airlines or Lufthansa operate.


If coming from neighboring countries and with a view to using a lower-carbon mode of travel, getting to Bucharest by train is a solid option. The North Train Station (Gara de Nord) is the main train station of Bucharest. Located some 3 km NW from the center of the city, this station is the terminal of plenty of trains which travel throughout the continent, linking Bucharest to all the major Romanian and European cities. Bucharest has railway connections with European destinations like Budapest, Vienna, Belgrade, Prague, Sofia, Athens, Istanbul, Moscow and Kiev.

For international connections, visitors should make reservations at the authorized travel agencies of the Romanian Railway Company (Compania de Căi Ferate). The list of these agencies is available on the official website of the railway company.

The visitors who arrive in Bucharest by air or train can get quite easily to anywhere in Bucharest. There are plenty of buses which connect the two airports with places like the center of the city and the North Train Station. Access/transport from/to the airport/train station to/from the city center may be found here.

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